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Haitian Blue Pine Forest

Jack Wagon Coffee Co.


No, this is not Smurf coffee! But it is damn smurfy!

The Haitian Blue Pine Forest coffee is a relatively new varietal to the region. It's only been growing on the island since 1995. But historically Haiti has been know as a major center for coffee production. Recent natural disasters and earlier US-led embargoes have drastically impacted the country's coffee industry and it's ability to export to major center of the world. Despite these challenges the coffee industry in Haiti beginning to rebound and reassert itself as a major player in the world of fine coffee.

This coffee has a unique blue-green colour which is where they derived their name. They also have a unique flavour to match. Smooth with a touch of sweetness, this coffee is both rich and mild.  

Aroma:  Chocolatey
Acidity: Low
Body: Medium
Flavour: Almond, Butter, Cedar
Processing: Washed, Bed Dried
Altitude: 1400-1600 MASL


Price is per 1 pound (16 oz/454 grams).

Roaster's Recommendations 

A Medium roast or Dark is recommended.


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Whole Bean (Not Ground)
French Press Grind
Percolator Grind
Flat Bottom Filter Drip Grind
Stovetop Espresso Grind
Cone Filter Drip Grind
Espresso Machine Grind
Turkish Grind
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